What a difference the time of day makes!

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park 

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in Caledon is one of my favourite places to shoot. The main reasons are:

  • it's fairly close - about a 30 minute drive north of Brampton
  • it isn't too busy - I've probably gone 6-7 times and I've only seen it super busy on Thanksgiving Monday (luckily I wasn't shooting that day and just enjoying the pretty autumn leaves)
  • there is a lot of variety (lots of trees, fields, lakes, dirt paths, hills)
  • there is a washroom (you never know!) 

Pretty much all I need for an outdoor photoshoot! 

I wanted to write about how different the time of day changes the mood of the photos. I've gone to Forks of the Credit a number of times - during different times of the day and different times of the year! Every time has been extremely different.

What a difference the time of day makes!

Here is a selection of photos from these sessions:

- Winter - pre sunset - outdoor fun with my friend Amy


This day we just wanted to go for a quick walk outside. It wasn't too cold. Sunny and snowy. I've never really shot in the snow so I wanted to test out how bright it would be. Basically just played outside in the snow for a bit :) 


- early Spring - pre sunset - Yoga Photoshoot with Danea and Tyler

We rushed to Forks last minute. Last minute Danea and Tyler were free and I had the car! Had to make the most of it. We probably got there an hour before it was too dark to shoot. Got some beautiful photos with the crescent moon. We got lucky! One of those right time right places. The moon was just rising over the trees behind the lake. I'd love to return during a full moon to shoot again. Can get some fun creative mooning done :D hehe.


- mid Autumn - sunrise! When Chantel messaged me to do an outdoor photoshoot I asked her if she would be down to hit the park at sunrise! In the fall the sun doesn't rise at 5am (like now) so it wasn't too bad. We aimed to get there for 630am. The sun was just coming up as we were driving. This was great cause we basically got 2 sets of photos. Hazy, morning dew and then once the sun rose over the trees it was super bright. Beautiful blue skies contrasting the orange/red trees.