T H A N K    Y O U

Anne has a wonderful eye for matching great location settings, with the person and theme she is shooting! Anne is as kind as she is knowledgeable of her craft, which makes her an easeful joy to work with. Thank you Anne :)
— Diane Karlos
Photoshoot with Anne was so much fun! She’s super creative and full of great ideas! It was a joy working with her.

Working with Anne was an amazing experience for me. As someone who is usually a bit shy, Anne made me feel comfortable and allowed me to openly express what I wanted conceptually for the shoot. I love that she was able to capture my passion for my practice in every shot.
— Danea

I did a Yoga shoot with Anne in the summer time, not long after I had a severe complication during a routine surgery. Not feeling fully like myself and having a scar on my neck had me feeling a little self conscious. The second I was in front of Anne’s camera all of that faded away into the background. The way Anne made me feel, so comfortable, relaxed and free is because that is the kind of person she is as well. It felt more like an afternoon of spending time with a good friend than your typical photo shoot. If it wasn’t for Anne and her beautiful work I wouldn’t have taken those steps in front of the camera lens, which she captured some moments that I never want to let go of now. Anne’s personality and professionalism are just as amazing as her photographs! I look forward to more sessions with her, on both a personal and a professional level!
— Ali

Anne was an absolute pleasure to work with! She made sure I was satisfied with her work before we called it a day.
— Tyler

Professional and friendly Anne understands your vision and then creates it behind the camera. She allows you to be yourself while capturing the best and most natural shots possible. She allowed me to get comfortable behind the camera and bring out exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Anne for your expertise; I would highly recommend her for any type of shoot because of her versatility and I will be using her for future projects.
— Chantel

When Anne and I went to check out Graffiti Alley, we were just intending to scout for cool locations, but we ended up seeing so many neat spots that we couldn’t help but shoot a bunch of photos. Anne did an amazing job of capturing the funky and urban attitude of the location. We ended up with some really awesome shots. And had a tonne of fun doing it!
— Ashaya

I had an idea in mind for a poster design, I wanted something clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the first person I thought of was Anne! I knew I could trust her with my vision because of her keen attention to detail.
— Melissa

We had the honour of being the subjects for Annie’s first engagement shoot, and we couldn’t have been happier! You made us feel so comfortable and your images really captured the love we have for each other. You really took the time to make sure we got that perfect picture despite being subjected to the hot sun and bugs. I can’t wait to see more of your work. Thank you Annie!!!
— Kam & Kristina