Finding the perfect location!

Finding the perfect location is one of my favourite parts of planning a photoshoot. Ironically - there is never one single perfect location. There are too many uncontrollable elements that as a photographer you have to be quick to adjust to. The weather could change, the sun could move from behind a cloud, it could rain, it could be windy (which I just recently experienced) etc.

The best is finding the almost perfect location. Usually new clients reach out to me with something in mind already. But if you're unsure on what feel you want I have a lot of samples of different locations. Whether it's city vibes or nature vibes or perhaps a little bit of both we can definitely find something that works. If you're really unsure - I have a special Flowin' in the 6ix package. Where we shoot for approximately 3 hours in 3 different locations. Get all the vibes you want! 

Personally, I actually really enjoy going to new locations. I love not knowing what to expect and stumbling on a perfect perfect spot. Last summer I went out with my friend Ali and the sun came out right when we found this cool brick bridge and everything lined up and it was magical! Woo for no expectations :D