First Yoga Photoshoot - Cold Autumn Afternoon North of Brampton

Scotsdale Farm Photoshoot with Crio!

Location: Georgetown - Scotsdale Farm

I remember this day pretty clearly as it was the first coldest day since summer ended - October 1st, 2015! My family and I were planning a fall camping trip to Algonquin this weekend to see the autumn leaves. I ended up renting a wide angle lens and luckily was able to schedule a photoshoot with Crio before the weekend to test drive the lens. I am a proud Fujifilm shooter. When I was researching which camera I wanted to purchase I had a short list of qualities that were necessary.

  • the camera had to be light and small
  • had to have a large sensor
  • had to be able to change lenses 
  • needed wifi 
  • and finally it had to be in my budget 

With a lot of research I went with the Fujifilm X-A1. 1.5 years later and and a few thousand photos later I'm still loving this camera. 

Anyways on with the shoot! Crio picked me up and we headed to Scotsdale Farms. A friend of mine had just done her engagement photoshoot there. After seeing her photos I knew this would be a great spot! This being my first photoshoot ever I wasn't really sure what I should bring or what to expect. Didn't really plan anything - I just made sure my memory cards were clear and my only camera battery was fully charged. I cleaned my lenses before hand, got an old yoga mat and we headed out! 

Thankfully Crio was so game with everything. We literally just walked around the farm and tried out different poses. We would set up in a spot - I'd get my framing right and then she'd do a few poses, then we would move to the next location. This is pretty much exactly what I still do now. It takes me a lot less time to figure out my composition. I move around a lot more and am much quicker to know what poses work in which locations. It's really awesome to realize how much better I've gotten. Although some of the shots we got during this session are still some of my favourite I've shot. Each yogi I've worked with brings a lasting impression. Every session is unique and different. Crio and I have a summer photoshoot planned so keep on the look out! This time we will probably hit up the mean streets of Toronto. 

Here are a few selections from this session.

If you'd like to check out one of Crio's classes - check out her Instagram account here.