Let's Work Together! 

My goal is to make you excited to share what we have created together. Any media whether it's a photography or poster design I want to create exactly what your vision was when you first thought of your idea.   

Custom Photoshoots 

Together we will discuss the style of shoot you want. There is so much creativity and flexibility here. We will first start with a consultation throwing back and forth different ideas. From locations to style & theme. 

Design, Content Creation & Branding Development

Logos, media, social media marketing, watermarks, banners etc. Building content for your blog or social media feeds. 

Editing Photo & Video 

With digital media and basically unlimited memory we tend to take hundreds if not thousands of photos on our point and shoot cameras. Once the event is over we put the memory card away and it's forgotten. What I'll do is go through all your media and select and edit the best shots and have them set and ready for print. That way you can actually have them on your coffee table to share with family and friends!