Logo Design & Branding

Here is a collection of some of the logos I've created recently. Logo creation is something I have a lot of fun with but that I also find very challenging. My favourite part of the process is brainstorming with my clients. Coming up with the initial ideas and seeing what things make them super excited to be starting their business. It's incredibly inspiring seeing someone else so excited about starting something new. Really great way to give me that extra boost in my own business. 



My friend Gloria is on the route to a zero waste life and is showing her community how they can all par-take in this as well! It was so fun to work with her and come up with a logo. She wanted it to be simple and minimalistic - just like the life she was aiming to achieve as well as incorporating green elements (the recycle symbol and the earth)! 

If you want to learn more about the little things you can do in your every day life to create a more sustainable world follow her on Instagram @ECOGLO or like her page on Facebook HERE. 

#zerowaste #take3forthesea #sustainability #ecoglo 

Little Big Cruisers

Coming soon! May 2017. 

The COOLEST little BIG business coming to Brampton. This logo was quite a process. We had so many different ideas from multiple cars, to a more sleek and suave sports car to so many different colours and styles. Eventually we narrowed it down to this creation. I really really love what we came up with. 



The French Press Cafe

At home we make our coffee with a french press. I recently got into using brush pens and started hand lettering everything. This is a fictional coffee shop. I wanted to test out the scripty hand lettering. Actually really happy with how this came out. I always find "s's" to be the trickiest letter to vectorize but somehow after a lot of failed attempts I got the perfect curves. 

I wanted to very very slightly hint the eiffel tower with the extra large A in CAFE. You probably didn't realize it before but now that you know you probably can't un-see it :) 

Mama Le's Kitchen 

My friends mom is a great cook! She is soon to be launching a catering business. Who's down for some authentic vietnamese food. 

Kawartha Lakes Brewery

Again another fictional logo. Dreaming about summer patio beers at the cottage. One of my favourite places to find inspiration for logos and brands is checking out the liquor store! Craft beer logos are always so creative. All types of styles and colours. All creating very different moods. I like trying new beers solely based on the logo. Cheers to one day designing a label for a real craft beer company or a bar.